Mrs. Gray

Elementary Counselor


Monday – Crystal Lake Elementary

Wednesday – Lake Ann Elementary

Thursday – Betsie Valley Elementary

Tuesday – Bi-Weekly – Lake Ann Elementary/Betsie Valley Elementary

Friday – Bi-Weekly – flex day/Crystal Lake Elementary







Developmental Stages and Grief

Talking with Children

Toolkit Responding to Grief and Loss

Grief Information Ages 3-5
Recommended books for support. (The Invisible String is an awesome book)
Some great ideas on some things teachers can use to make sure students who are experiencing a loss feel supported.  (I like this one a lot) (teachers can write memory for student and student can decorate the tree/should only be used if the student initiates)
Something that may be useful when talking to students in they bring up death or loss of a loved one.
Just really good reminders for things that help when the grief is strong.