Sharyl Corey


Early Childhood Coordinator


My name is Sharyl Corey and I am very excited to be the Principal at Betsie Valley Elementary.

I was born in Frankfort, Michigan, attended Crystal Lake Elementary, and graduated from Benzie Central High School. I was thrilled to return to teach in Benzie County eleven years ago and have been teaching in the Early Childhood Special Education classroom at Crystal Lake, since then. My education includes a degree from Central Michigan University which permits me to teach in both general and special education elementary classrooms, and a graduate degree from Grand Valley University specializing in Early Childhood Special Education.

I enjoy playing a part in the lives of young children as they grow and gain confidence. My goal is to help all my students become competent learners by providing an environment that is supportive and nurturing, provides clear and predictable boundaries, and includes lots and lots of encouragement.

I expect to learn new things right along with my students. Early childhood is the best time for any child to discover the world around them with curiosity and excitement. It is a time when we as teachers and parents can ignite in a child a hunger for learning that can last a lifetime. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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