Michelle Herban

Michelle Herban

4th Grade & 5th Grade CORE Math

Ms. Herban currently teaches 4th grade and 5th Grade CORE Math at Betsie Valley Elementary.
She attended Northwest Michigan College for two years, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Central Michigan University in 1992, and earned her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University in 1999. Michelle attended Crystal Lake Elementary K-12, and graduated from Benzie Central High School, graduating as Valedictorian in 1987. Pretty awesome!
Ms. Herban has been in the field of Education here at Benzie Central for 32 years; 29 years as a full-time teacher, and 3 years as a substitute teacher. She has taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, all at Betsie Valley Elementary and as a substitute, taught grades Young 5’s through 6th grade.
Michelle is currently a member of the Building Impact Team (BIT), here at Benzie Central, and has served on several other committees during her career, including Curriculum Council, Literacy Committee, and the Behavior Team. She also mentored colleague Sandy Magnan when she was hired into our Benzie County Central School District.
She has planned a Michigan History Trip for her classes to Mackinac Island or Mackinaw City each year since 2005, with the exception of our COVID-19 lock-down period. Ms. Herban has also planned overnight field trips to Lansing for the five years that she taught 5th grade and participated in many overnight camping trips while teaching 5th grade.
Outside of work, Michelle is equally active. She is an annual exhibitor at the Buckley Old Engine Show each year in August with her Farmall tractor, and has even planned yearly field trips for 4th graders to Buckley Education Days each year in September. Michelle hopes to become a member of the Buckley Old Engine Club when she retires and has more time to volunteer.
Ms. Herban has always taken great pride in being a good listener to her students, feeling like she takes time to listen to all sides of a story before making any disciplinary decisions. She believes she has always been firm, yet fair. She has always been a supporter to her students, both past and present, by attending their activities outside of school whenever possible, such as attending basketball, football, and baseball games, as well as band and choir concerts, musicals, etc..
Michelle has always been a pillar supporter of any events at Betsie Valley Elementary, having only missed one year working at the Betsie Valley Elementary Carnival. While teaching 6th grade, she was involved in helping with the DARE program and also helped with the planning of DARE graduation programs each year. Also, while teaching 6th grade, she directed the 6th grade Graduation Program for Betsie Valley Elementary over the course of five years.
Ms. Herban leaves us with this, “You Never Know What You Can Do Until You TRY”, and “Show Grit, Never Quit!”

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