Beth Miller



Beth Miller is currently a paraprofessional at Homestead Hills Elementary. Beth has her Bachelor of Arts in Speech from Grand Rapids Baptist College.
Mrs. Miller has been a paraprofessional for twenty-eight years, all of them being here at Benzie County Central Schools.
For many years, she was a one-on-one paraprofessional working with students with Autism. She has also been a Title I paraprofessional for several years, providing additional reading support to our students. Mrs. Miller has been very fortunate, having worked with all grades at the elementary level, kindergarten through sixth grade.
Mrs. Miller is continuous support and reinforcement for our staff and students. She supports students in both small and large groups, and supervises on the playground during recess. She encourages students to keep on doing the best they can, and rest assured, if they need assistance with anything, she is there to help and provide them with whatever they need whenever she can.
Principal Steve Graetz shared that the Homestead Hills Elementary staff think very highly of Beth and respect the work she does there with their students. Several of her colleagues, shared the following:
“Beth always goes above and beyond for our students and staff. She brings ideas, creativity, and positivity to Homestead Hills Elementary.”
“Beth truly is the light of the world. She goes out of her way to brighten everyone’s day; for both staff and students. She’s patient, easy going, and quick witted. Our building/district wouldn’t be the same without her.”
“Mrs. Miller is the ultimate professional. She is always prompt and thorough and we can always count on her to be dependable.”
“Beth is the unsung hero of Homestead Hills Elementary. Her kindness, patience, and love she has for all of the students is irreplaceable. She is a bright spot each and every day.”
“Beth is always tolerant and patient with students. She has a wealth of mnemonic devices that help students remember how to find solutions. Blessed to be her teammate.”
Beth leaves us with this, “Treat others the way you want them to treat you.”


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