Manuel Lamarche



It is NEVER to early to plan!
Attention Benzie Central and Frankfort Juniors – The Class of 2022 –
Manuel Lamarche, our Post Secondary Advisor, AdviseMI will be streaming several informational sessions for the parents of our current juniors every day beginning 4/22 through 4/27 from 4pm-7pm. He made this video and  will be streaming it so that parents may ask questions in an informal way instead of a zoom or google meet. Mr. Lamarche will have links to his information on the video in case parents want more information or would like to meet with him.  It’s never to early to start planning. The following document contains links to our informational video about career exploration, links to our live streams where parents/guardians can chat with the college advisor, and additional resources about financial aid and changes in the admissions process. For more information, email college advisor, Manuel Lamarche at

Informational Links to our informational video and career exploration – links to livestream to chat with our college advisor