Polly Gillison



Howdy Y’all!   I’m a recent transplant to Benzie County, up from the great state of Texas.   If you are wondering why I made the jump from life above 100 degrees to life below zero, you can blame that on my husband Jim Gillison.  After a 5+ year, 1200 mile friendship we decided what we had was so great that we had to make it permanent.  My 88 year old mother made the move with me but I still have Texas connections, as my three adult children still live in the DFW area.

I currently serve this district as the high school librarian, the online learning supervisor, and the ISS supervisor for both HS and MS.   In Texas terms, I lived “smack dab” in the heart of the DFW Metroplex, and I taught in a massive 6A High School.  I have to say I have really enjoyed my transition from big city life to being a part of this small rural community and school district.

Texas may be BIGGER, but Benzie does it BETTER!


  • BS degree from DeVry University Dallas– Information Technology
  • BS degree from Texas State University – Agricultural Sciences (Pre-Veterinary focus)

Experience and Credentials

  • I hold a Lifetime teaching certificate with the Texas State Board of Education in the SpEd category of Learning Disabilities (K-12). I also have HQ status for secondary math and science.
  • Worked 16 years in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.


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