Racquel Huddleston

Biology/Honors Biology/Advanced Biology/AP Biology

Racquel Christine Huddleston has been a teacher at Benzie Central Middle/High School since 1995. She earned her high school diploma from Benzie Central High School a “little” while ago. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Education with a minor in Natural Sciences from Alma College. She has earned another 40+ hours in many areas of science and education. She is very busy teaching Honors Biology for freshmen, Biology to sophomores Advanced Biology and AP Biology to juniors and seniors. Advanced Placement Biology is a college level class that students can earn college credits for in May if they successfully pass a national exam. She also coaches middle school track, 7th grade girls’ basketball and helps facilitate the Recycling trailer for Benzie Recyclers.

Mrs. Huddleston has been married since 1992 to Bill Huddleston, also a Benzie graduate. She is the proud mother of four Huskies: William, Makayla, Brayden and Isabella. She and her husband can be seen having fun all over Northern Michigan at cross country and track meets and basketball games, as their children compete in sports that they love. She is always following her students in their athletics and academic adventures as well. The Huddleston’s love being outdoors and can be found hiking, fishing, biking, and running.

Mrs. Huddleston loves teaching. She loves getting her students to excel and do more things then they think they are capable of. She loves children of all ages and wants the best for them. Students in her class will be supported while being challenged and pushed to reach beyond what they see as their capabilities.

Mrs. Huddleston offers help to her students before school and during seminar. Her room is always open after school for students to make up missing work or complete missing assessments. Email is the most efficient form of communication with Mrs. Huddleston.