Robbin Moore

Early Childhood Teacher


My name is Robbin Moore and I recently got hired as the Lead GSRP/Tuition teacher for our Early Childhood program at Lake Ann Elementary. I’m from Interlochen and actually attended Lake Ann Elementary as a little.
I later transferred schools and graduated from Glen Lake Public Schools in 2021 and enrolled in NMC for a semester where I completed my student teaching at Glen Lake in their Elementary Special Education program and 4 years of an internship in High School Special Education/High School English.
I’m currently enrolled at Post University for my degree in Elementary Special Education and Early Childhood Education. This will be my second school year at Lake Ann Elementary and I plan on making every day more exciting than the last. I love working with children and I have a special talent for working with those who require extra help or special accommodations due to the majority of my family being deaf or hard of hearing.
I tell everyone that “There hasn’t been a day where I’ve woken up and felt like skipping work.”
I am always thrilled to be working with children, and I get restless on my weekends waiting for Monday to roll back around.
My interests include; spending time with my dogs and my fiancé, singing with my church choir, reading, and much more. I’m so beyond excited for another school year at Lake Ann Elementary and I cannot wait to meet everyone new, and see the many familiar faces.
A few of my favorite things:
My basset hound; Eugene and my cat: Meow Meow
The Greatest Showman and Spiderman (ALL OF THEM)
AJR and Dance Gavin Dance
Warm colors: (pink, red, orange, and yellow!)
Welcome, Robbin!